I am a .NET developer with a specialization in Blazor. I have a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I am proficient in using MAUI to export Blazor web apps as native apps. I also have some experience with back-end technologies such as ASP.NET Core, SQL, and Azure.


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I use the C# programming language on a daily basis to build web apps and mobile apps. C# enables me to write fast, clean and maintainable code.

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.NET is a powerful platform that allows developers to build a wide variety of applications. I specialize in Blazor, a framework that allows developers to create interactive web UIs with C#.

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript

I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I use these technologies to build responsive web apps.

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I have experience using Azure to host web apps securely in the cloud and integrate them with an Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployment process.

Education and certificates

AZ-204 Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


AZ-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals


Propaedeutic in Business IT & Management

Hogeschool Avans

ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management


70-680 Microsoft Specialist: Windows 7 Configuring


CCNA Routing and Switching: Introduction to Networks


ECDL (Microsoft Office 2016)


System administrator

2014 - 2017


I entered the IT industry by following a vocational education focused on Windows system administration. I then pursued a bachelor's degree in Business IT & Management, but dropped out to pursue a career in software development.

Software development

I started by learning the basics of C# and .NET online directly from Microsoft. Blazor was just released at that time. Building web apps with C# and using the immensely popular HTML and CSS markup languages interested me.

I already knew WordPress and decided to start freelancing. I built websites like this one for local businesses. I did that for a while and nearing the end I started getting into game development with Unity and C#. After I learned that, I built a multiplayer video game from an idea I had been sitting on for a while.

I'm proud to say the game worked well on a technical level, including real-time multiplayer features and real-world payments but the project was a little too ambitious for my skillset at the time. I decided to stop working on the game and made the decision to focus more on building business-related software and sharing my knowledge.

The present

Since then I have been busy with sharing my software development knowledge with others by publishing educational content on Udemy and YouTube.

Currently I work for a Dutch software company that creates the Relyon One field service software and have focused less on creating content.

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